We are 1 of the 56 companies in the United States to be recognized as an EPA CERTIFIED REFRIGERANT RECLAIMER. A reclaimer is the only entity that can legally handle used refrigerants and process them back to virgin standards. Our reclaimed refrigerant services allow you as a customer to save money by eliminating the need for purchasing virgin refrigerant.

We offer solutions for refrigerant that is unusable and has no value. We can restore your used refrigerant back to virgin material standards. Our alternatives eliminate the need for you to purchase new refrigerant, thus saving you thousands on your project costs.

Refrigerant Reclamation is a multi-step process that takes used refrigerant and ultimately returns it to its original, virgin standard. It entails filtering, drying, distillation, and chemical processes that strip the refrigerant of impurities. Reclair:ned refrigerant must meet the ARI700 standard which is the same standard that virgin refrigerant must meet. In addition, the refrigerant has to be certified by a 3rd party lab to verify that it has met the ARI700 purity standard before being resold.
Maybe you have a charge with a high moisture content or acid from a motor burn out?

Chiller services can reclaim the refrigerant, dehydrate the refrigerant, remove all impurities, including acid. We can recover, reclaim and return the refrigerant back on site within days. Most reclaiming companies have to ship the refrigerant to their facility out of state.

Our facilities are Los Angeles based, saving you money with no incurred shipping charges.