Banner-1 Chiller Services Refrigerant Recovery and Reclamation is an EPA certified company to reclaim refrigerant, buy used gas, sell gas and we also offer recovery services. Our reclamation facilities are Los Angeles based. Read more Welcome to Chiller Services Refrigerants Recovery and Reclamation
Banner-6 Chiller Services Refrigerant Recovery and Reclamation is focuesed on saving you money, reducing your systems down time and being part of the "green" movement of the HVAC industry. Read more Refrigerants Recovery and Reclamation
Banner-4 Our reclaimed refrigerant meets all standards for virgin material, including the ARI 700 standard. We clean your used material and offer reclaimed material in all quantities. Read more Refrigerants Recovery and Reclamation
Banner-3 From package units to large chillers, no job is too big or small. Our high volume recovery machines allow us to save you money! Read more Refrigerants Recovery and Reclamation
Banner-2 Our efficient and fast processes are garunteed to result in lower cost, including a major reduction in down time. Less down time means more money in your pocket. Read more Refrigerants Recovery and Reclamation
Banner-7 Recovering and cleaning refrigerant keeps it in the market, thus reducing demand on virgin material and keeps the cost of virgin material down. Read more Refrigerants Recovery and Reclamation
Banner-5 We are very proud to be one of just 53 reclaimers in the United States Read more Refrigerants Recovery and Reclamation
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The Best Solution for Refrigerant Recovery and Reclamation

Chiller Services is an EPA certified refrigerant recovery and reclamation company.

We provide the following services:

We recover any type of refrigerant, reclaim refrigerant, dehydrate refrigerant, provide cylinder service, purchase used refrigerant and sell reclaimed refrigerant in any quantity.

Automotive Refrigerant Recovery!

We carry 1234yf cylinders for automotive refrigerant recoveries!

Cylinder info: 50# 400psi cylinder with level switch.

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Our Services


Refrigerant Reclamation

We are 1 of the 56 companies in the United States to be recognized as

Refrigerant Analysis

Chiller Services provides a complete refrigerant analysis laboratory. We check for moisture, purity, acidity, chlorides,

Refrigerant Buyback Program

Our BuyBack program offers great reasons for those looking for to safely dispose of refrigerant.

Refrigerant Recovery

We provide refrigerant recovery for any size system and within short notice. Our high-volume recovery

Cylinder Service

Chiller Services will recover the refrigerant from your cylinders, and we will provide you with

Refrigerant Sales

Chiller Services supplies a complete line of reclaimed refrigerants. As opposed to relying open expensive
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    All reclaimed refrigerant meets the same standards as virgin material and is certified by a 3rd party lab to meet the ARI 700 standard.