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What are The Most Common Types of Refrigerant Reclamation Machine?

There are countless uses and leverages of having the best quality refrigerant reclamation equipment in your kitty. Refrigerant recovery machines are used for the sake of eliminating refrigerants from the different cooling equipment as per the EPA standard guidelines.

In most of the refrigerant reclamation companies, the technicians make the use of refrigerant reclamation equipment to judge, evaluate, and find out all about the maintenance of the refrigerators, freezers, and AC.

Here are some of the most common types of refrigerant reclamation equipment available for your use.

  • Small appliances – The refrigerant reclamation equipment made for small equipment handles the air pressure control in small equipment. Here, small equipment includes – air conditioning units, RVs, window air conditioners, mini split ACs, and much more. Generally, the small appliances or equipment come with small HVAC refrigerant recovery models having the power supply of about 0.1 to 0.2 hp. And to handle it, you can manage to work with small appliances refrigerant reclamation equipment.

  • Commercial – The word ‘commercial’ is explanatory enough to speak about the usage of commercial refrigerant reclamation machines. Typically, these machines are used for recovering the air conditioning systems or HVAC systems installed at the big stores, retails shops, malls, factories, restaurants, or much more. Here, the concept of air conditioning remains central which acquires high amount of electricity and unit. Generally, it is considered more complicated or complex than the residential or small appliances refrigerant recovery.

  • Residential – The resident type of refrigerant reclamation equipment are suitable for large yet less complicated HVAC system installed at the residential areas. It is often used for the sake of recovering and recharging the air conditioning machines installed at the residents. Generally, the recovery models used here require about 0.5 hp of unit.

Where can I get the best quality refrigerant reclamation machine for myself?

In order to remove the refrigerants from the cooling equipment, it is necessary to have the best kind of refrigerant reclamation equipment. And that is possible only when you are associating with the best ever refrigerant reclamation companies offering a wide range of quality equipment for your usage.

When talking about some of the best refrigerant reclamation companies in your vicinity, it is hard not to mention Chiller Services Refrigerants. It is one of the highly recommended company providing an array of services without compromising with quality.