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An overview of EPA certification regulations for technicians having expertise in Refrigerant Reclaimer services

An overview of EPA certification regulations for technicians having expertise in Refrigerant Reclaimer services

When you hire a service provider known for Refrigerant Reclaimer services, it is essential to enquire details whether the technicians have the mandatory EPA certifications from the concerned authorities. The certification is a validation that the service provider has the license and credential to perform the tasks.

Under Section 608

The EPA regulations fall under the Section 608 of the Clean Air Act. A registered company needs to follow the set regulations while planning and implementing its service measures to its customers, at any scale.

The aspects covered

The regulations take into account well-defined technical aspects that the EPA Certified Refrigerant Reclaimer in Los Angeles, CA (or located in any other US region) has to comply with.

In simple terms, any job that may release refrigerants in any amount of trace into the atmosphere falls under the regulations.

  • Maintenance of equipment sets: Technicians who have experience of maintaining equipment sets that may release refrigerants are required to be certified
  • Servicing the machines: Professionals who service the machines that can release refrigerants must have the certification
  • Repairing the machines: Experts who provide emergency or any other kind of repair service must have the EPA certification
  • Disposal of the equipment: A company responsible to safely dispose a machine that can release refrigerant into the atmosphere should have the certification

The list of activities

The official document enlists certain activities that require the technician or the service provider to have the certification.

  • Attaching/detaching hoses from or to equipment sets while measuring pressure parameters
  • Adding/removing refrigerant from/to a machine/equipment set

Apprentices don’t need to have the certification

An important point to note in this context is the apprentices are exempt from having the EPA certification.

Top-rated Refrigerant Reclaimer service provider has it

You can be confident about the face that a reputable service provider with expertise in providing a wide range of Refrigerant Reclaimer services is certified. Every technician of the company has the EPA certification. You can hire the professionals for the task, without any doubt. If you have some queries, then feel free to get in touch with the company.